Hi MindfulSistahs! You came to this page to get brief background as to what MindfulSistas is, why it was created, and how to become a MindfulSistah yourself. MindfulSistahs is a group of women who are wanting awareness of who they really are. It was created me Ladrina Eves in 2016 to bring together women of all races in learning about being MINDFUL of themselves. I started off as a book club, but who has the time to read and discuss books lol. So I decided to take it step further and create a blog that’s host weekly topics in becoming MINDFUL of YOU. This website is for YOU to become aware of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings to becoming MINDFUL of who you really.

Mindfulness is not just about being one with nature or connecting with the universe through yoga poses, it’s much more than that and I want to make sure that I am connecting with women who are wanting to discover awareness of themselves. So how do you become MindfulSistah? Easy, Just be willing to commit yourself to becoming aware of you, read the blogs, post your experiences and wallah you are a MindfulSistah. So are you ready for the adventure! I know I am. In each post you will see that I support you in your Mindful journey and I always say that we are in this together. I learn from you and you learn from, we learn from each other. So go ahead click on blogs and lets begin this journey of becoming MINDFUL!



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