Does My Appearance Matter

Hey my MindfulSistah. Sorry its been awhile since my last post. Duties of motherhood, being wife and job was taking hold. But I am making through the process. So any whooooooooooo…..todays post I feel the need to talk about appearance. Does it really matter?

This morning getting dressed and ready for work, I pulled out the regular jeans and a t-shirt thinking ughhh another day being a slave to the agency. As I put on my jeans and my shirt and looked in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw. I felt I looked unprofessional, sluggish, just no confidence about myself. Its amazing how the clothes you put on can control your mood for the day. At that point something said nooooooo change into something more professional. This is what cracked me up yall is that I pulled out a professional outfit and started to iron them. Yes iron! I don’t never iron my clothes lol. Growing up I always seen my nana and mama ironing there clothes and was heavy with the starch lol. I always thought they doing to much just to put some clothes on for the day.  But ironing and putting my outfit on with the right shoes and jewelry gave me a little umphh in my step. Looking in the mirror for the second time I felt more confident and ready to conquer the day. The question is why does it take for me to dress up to feel better about myself?

Now being a mother to three children, wife and working a full time job and I noticed that I stopped thinking about myself and focusing on what I need. With me not checking in with myself has caused me to not care about ME. Adjusting to being a mother to three kids it has been tough to focus on dressing myself  and getting three kids dressed to. So the solution I found to that problem is grabbing the first wrinkled pair of jeans and shirt, throw it on with a hoodie, and run out the door.  Doing that I wasn’t productive and I would feel as if I had no confidence in anything. But today I decided no more! My appearance is going to matter. I owe myself that. You wouldn’t believe how much work I got done today just by dressing up and looking nice. So I decided that each day that god wakes me up I will show myself some love by dressing up and looking professional and confident. Hey, this is what works for me to keep me going. MindfulSistahs does your appearance matter? How does it make you feel?

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