No Matter What I am still Winning

What’s up my MindfulSistahs! Hope you all are having a blessed week. So last week we left off on the topic being stuck between a goal and a hard place. How was your entries about this topic?  what did you discover? For me I discovered that my biggest barrier to achieving my dream goal is being a mother to my children. I hear people all the time  being a mother doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals. But in my case its not stopping me its demanding me to be a mother to my children because they need me the most. I enjoy every bit of it!  I know there are mothers out there who have pushed themselves to the limit to achieve their goals. My question is how did they make it  through?  Doing journal entries help me to discover that even though I have children and I am not able to fulfill my goal at this point doesn’t mean I cant fulfill it in the future. Some people may not agree with this because it is known that when you put something off 9 times out of 10 you will not return to it. But I want to be different and make sure I fulfill my goal. Coming this conclusion has calmed my mind down 100% I don’t feel rushed to accomplish my goal in a speedy manner. I just know within myself I have time to get all the things done I want in life I just to make sure that I committed enough to get it done.

So lets get into the good stuff, the topic of the week! This topic was inspired my good friend Mrs. Forney with her post on facebook. In her post she talked about having a balancing life between career and family. She stated that in the end to have this balanced life you have to have 3 things time, love and proper planning. I totally agree with her! I have always been an ambitious women. Anything that came my way I would always figure it out and accomplish it in a timely fashion. It wasn’t until I got married and gave birth to my third child that I started to notice that It was hard to move forward to my ultimate goal. With this taking place in my life I became angry and started to project my anger onto my children and husband. All because I felt that I couldn’t do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. But as time went on, I have learned and I am still learning that nobody said that I cant fulfill my goals it just takes TIME, LOVE, and PROPER PLANNING for that goal to be accomplished. As in Time I have to understand that sometimes for me its not right time to do things. Not saying that anytime is not the right time. But for me I have to have time to put forth my ultimate attention to accomplishing this goal. For example, obtaining my doctorate is what I truly want to do right now but with me having three lil ones who needs mommie constant attention, love, and support the timing is just not right. I decided that once my children hit the age where they are more self sufficient on there own I can put my extra focus into obtaining my doctorate and doing right instead of being stressed and rushing through the process. As in LOVE, I have to be dedicated in loving and trusting that the process will work out. Not saying that I never have times that I flip out because the plan is not going as I want it. But I have to LOVE and trust the process and it will work out as long as I believe. Last but not lease PROPER PLANNING. This is really important for me because I’m so used to doing things on the whim I very rarely plan for anything. Put I have to learn to do proper planning because it works out when you plan for things and not just jump into it so quickly. LOVE, TIME, and PROPER PLANNING are very important for me to win in my life. What I want you to journal about is what things do you have to do for to know that you are winning. Also let me know what you think about the 3 things to have to win in life. Again, feel free to express yourself i’m here for you and support you. We all need one another to learn from.

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