Mindful Thoughts: Stuck between a Goal and a Hard Place

Hey my MindfulSistahs! How many of you participated in the this week mindful thought. I know I did! Doing the journal entries on myself asking myself who am I, was kind of hard at first, but the only reason it was hard was due to me trying to be perfect and not being real. Once I made myself aware of that I started over. The information for that journal entry flowed so easily. Honestly some of the items that I listed made me reminisce on my childhood and adulthood experiences. Some of the memories brought tears to my eyes. I told y’all if you really real with yourself then some emotions will manifest. I wrote three pages worth of Who am I facts about myself. I was surprised that I had so much information about myself. Overall I really enjoyed exploring who I really am  and in that self discovery I discovered some new interest. One of the interest was that I am interested in participating in African dance. I am proud of myself for discovering this because for so long I couldn’t think of any interest. What was your experience with this activity? Don’t be afraid to express. Remember we in this together and I’m here for you!


Now for this week mindful thought. Have you ever had a goal that you really want to obtain but stuck between your goal oriented drive and life situations? Of course my hand and arm is waving high in the air:) I am experiencing this now. I am such an goal orientated person and have accomplish a lot of goals that I have set for myself. But the one goal that I want to obtain is becoming Dr. Eves. Yes accomplishing my doctorate is my dream goal. I am a women who believes in education and believes that education will open up experiences that you never thought you would experience. Though I have this great goal of mine, life situations interfere with obtaining that goal. I have heard time and time again that if you really want to achieve your goal nothing will stop you. I feel that this saying is incorrect because I do feel that are real life situations that demand that you put the goal on hold or not achieve it at all. So my mindfulsistahs, this week lets journal about our goals and what are something’s that come in between you and that achieving that goal.  With these entries I hope we can become aware of those barriers and start tackling those one by one to create the opportunity for the your dream goal to be achieved. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings. Remember don’t be afraid to express yourself, we are in this together and I’m here for you!

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